Core Competencies

We remain committed to enhancing our production facilities and processes in order to retain our position at the forefront of the condom manufacturing industry. Improvements are constantly being introduced to reduce production lead times and elevate cost competitiveness, quality assurance and safety standards.



We continue to utilise a multiple brand portfolio to address different segments of what is an increasingly stratified condom market. Branding continues to allow us to understand our customers more intimately and build the profile of our Group as a holistic sexual wellness solution provider on the global platform.



We will always consider innovation to be core to our identity, ultimately distinguishing us from our peers within the industry and enabling us to offer greater value to our customers. We are always devising new methods to enhance the end user experience whether it be in the form of dispelling social stigmas, improving sensory experiences or providing greater degrees of quality assurance.


Human Capital

Our people are our greatest assets and will eventually enable our Group to achieve our ambitions. We have continued to invest in more appropriate incentive schemes and training to cultivate a culture of leadership and entrepreneurship within our Group. We focus not only on recruiting the best talent, but also on assisting them to achieve their potential.