Karex Berhad - CondomMale latex condoms manufactured by Karex are designed for pleasure and total reliability. Made from premium quality natural rubber latex, each  condom is electronically tested to provide maximum protection and safety. Our condoms are always manufactured and tested beyond the requirements of stringent International Standards like ISO 4074 and WHO specifications.


Lubrication Jelly

Karex Berhad - Lubricating JellyIt is formulated from finest quality ingredients, meeting the highest manufacturing standards to provide a long lasting and silky smooth lubrication.

Greaseless, non-toxic and water soluble, it is certainly suitable for gynecological use or when additional vaginal lubrication is needed.


Probe Cover

Karex Berhad - Probe CoverManufactured under a carefully managed ISO 9001:2000 Quality System, all our probe covers are made from the highest quality raw materials.

They are specially designed for maximum flexibility and safety during intracavity examinations with ultrasound. Form-fitted for a snug fit over the transducer face, to ensure that no air bubbles can cause imaging artifacts.


Foley Balloon Catheter

Karex Berhad - Probe CoverManufactured under controlled and clean environment in accordance to ISO 9001 International Quality System, ISO 13485 G.M.P. Norm and CE-Mark, all our foley balloon catheters are made from the highest quality of medical grade silicone.

They are specially designed for transurethral drainage of the urinary bladder, commonly used on patients who are anesthetized or sedated for surgery or other medical care. We produce a wide range of catheter products which are biostable and bio compatible, designed to meet all user and patient requirements.